Rush Registration / Sell-Out Event Management


The RacePartner platform is robust and highly scalable due to its cloud-based system architecture.  The platform, coupled with event industry expertise, allows RacePartner to dynamically allocate additional virtual machines as needed to meet system demands.

  • Flash Crowd & Sell-Out Management

    The cloud-based system is particularly useful for handling massive “flash crowds” commonly encountered by the most popular race events.  A flash crowd can occur when thousands or tens of thousands of users descend upon a website at the exact same time.  Popular events typically go through a period where the event sells out in a few weeks, then a few days and then a few hours.  Some even in minutes.

  • Virtual Machines

    RacePartner understands registration demands and their impact on the registration process.  To prepare for events, RacePartner provides multiple dedicated virtual machines for the event and conducts sophisticated load testing on the registration system to make sure that the registration process can handle a flash crowd equal to double the size of the entire event field.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Technical Support

    When registration launches, the RacePartner systems engineers monitor the registration system in real-time to insure that the process runs smoothly during peak registration.  We always have a team standing by and ready to help if an unforeseen issue or emergency comes up- no matter what day or time.

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