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RacePartner is the only company that leverages research, digital marketing and customized registration solutions to grow your event.

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Interested in what your participants really want?

RacePartner is the only company who goes beyond “looking at” the industry and your competitors. Our research team uses quantitative and qualitative research methods to generate a data-driven approach to understanding and activating your race participants.

The same researchers who brought you the Millennial Running Study and Millennial Impact Project are ready to help you learn more about your audience through:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Messaging and design testing

Learn how our research team, in partnership with the Case Foundation, has conducted the most comprehensive ongoing study on millennials and their involvement with causes.

Digital Marketing

Want your race to stand out from the crowd?

Your brand’s marketing is the most important way for you to communicate with your audience. Your brand is your event’s face, reputation and identity. Managing and effectively communicating your brand’s personality is crucial to your event’s growth.

Our digital marketing experts were recently recognized by Facebook for disrupting an established industry with our unorthodox marketing approaches. We can help grow your brand through:

  • Social media strategy and management
  • Email marketing
  • Custom landing pages
  • Search engine optimization

Learn how our digital marketing team helped GhostBed generate brand awareness and create lifelong relationships with real people.


Tired of hearing “we can’t do that”?

Unlike other platforms that are rigid, RacePartner is configurable and customizable, allowing us to serve the complex needs of unique events. We work with large international events, local events and everything in between.

As your technology partner, we take pride in providing you with the vital tools, knowledge and support that help you expand and excite your audience. Some of our tools include:

  • Integrated fundraising
  • Volunteer management
  • Custom development and configuration
  • Event website design

Learn how our solutions for longtime partners Giant Race and Corrigan Sports have allowed them to focus on the race itself, without worrying about breakdowns in registration.

Everything your participants see is part of your story.

Make sure you’re telling the right one.

  • Working with the RacePartner staff has been great. Whether it comes down to an accounting question that we have or a registration platform that needs to be manipulated or customized, they’ve really been there for us.

    Lee CorriganPresident of Corrigan Sports
  • The biggest added value we saw was in the enhanced web presence and a good looking website, it’s our biggest competitive advantage and isn’t available through other providers. I see registration as a commodity and the social media feed solution on the website really helped to draw activity and attention to the race.

    Scott AndersonEvent Producer, Giant Race
  • RacePartner is adaptable, they’re adaptable with the technology, and they’re always willing to listen and adapt. RacePartner has helped me move sell outs from four months, to four weeks, to four days to four hours.

    Sean Ryan Senior Race Director

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