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Credit Cards

I don’t recognize a transaction on my credit card statement.

RacePartner has charged your credit card because you have completed an online registration for a past or upcoming road race, walk, triathlon, cycling event or similar, or you have made a charitable contribution supporting an event someone is participating in and fundraising for.

I accidentally signed up for the same event more than once, can I get a refund?


I am registered, but now injured. I have a note from my doctor that states I should not run. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately there is a no refund policy. You must contact the event directly to request a deferral or exception.

I cannot participate in the race, but I am registered. Can I transfer my registration to a friend?

Transfers may or may not be allowed based on the events Transfer Policy. Please visit the event website or registration page for additional information.

U.S.A. Triathlon (USAT)

When I registered using RacePartner I bought a one-day membership, but just realized I forgot that I already have an active Membership, can I get a refund?

Membership issues like this require you to reach out directly to the Membership Department at USAT. They can be reached at

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