RacePartner’s Alicia Kaye Finishes Top 10 at Ironman World Championship 70.3

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We had a moment to catch up with Alicia Kaye, RacePartner athlete and top American Finisher (8th place) at the recent Ironman World Championship 70.3 held on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Alicia’s next big event is her first-ever appearance at the Ironman World Championships, Oct. 8, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

RP: How were you feeling about your training and preparation for the race?

AK:  After racing IM Lake Placid at the end of July, my previous coach and I mutually agreed that it was time for me to find a new coach. I was very fortunate that my mentor, agent and good friend Lisa Bentley was able to take me on. August was all about recovering from my Ironman and sharpening up my speed to race against the fastest women in our sport!

RP:  With such a high quality field, how do you execute your plan and race at the same time?

AK:  70.3 Worlds was the most interesting long course race I’ve ever done. The swim was a flat, ocean wetsuit swim which resulted in a very large swim pack out of the water. The bike course wasn’t challenging enough to break up our pack, so it wasn’t until the final miles that a few of us were finally able to get some separation. When you’re in such a large pack you have be really focused on following the rules while racing at the same time. It’s a challenging balance, because in a perfect world you’d just put down your head and race, but you have to pay extremely close attention to the racers around you to make sure you’re following the rules.

RP:  What does a performance like this mean to you looking to next month in Kona?

AK:  I was really proud of my performance at 70.3 World Championships. It gives me confidence in my new coaching relationship with Lisa and confidence in where my fitness is at.

RP:  What’s the most important thing for you to remember as you prepare for Kona?

AK:  Belief. I must believe in the work I’ve done and my ability to execute on race day.

RP: Describe your feelings about racing in Kona for the first time. 

AK:  Inspired. Other than the Olympics, this is the biggest stage of our sport. I feel extremely proud to be a part of the race and I’m looking forward to racing with thousands of people who feel the same way.

RP:  Thanks, Alicia.

AK:  My pleasure.

Rai Masuda

Rai Masuda

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Rai Masuda

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