Don’t Settle for Broken Promises.
You Need a Real RacePartner.

Grow Participants with research insights, customizable registration, and full-service marketing.

We work with large international events, local events, and everything in between.

The RacePartner Approach

Our company is comprised of three service areas that
work together to provide you with the best solution for your event.

Customizable Event Registration

The RacePartner System is a robust endurance-specific event registration platform built from the ground up to be customized to serve the needs of unique events that require special workflows or integrations.

Integrated Fundraising

Our fundraising software allows for registrant and fundraiser data to be accessed in one cloud-based platform without the need to import or export data.

Research & Marketing

RacePartner is the only event registration company that offers research and marketing consulting and execution through a dedicated department of research and endurance marketing experts.

About RacePartner™

RacePartner is the only company who uses research, digital marketing and registration solutions to grow your event. Recognized as a leader in the endurance industry, we partnered with Achieve to conduct the first-ever Millennial Running Study, highlighting the social and economic behaviors of millennials who participate in running events across the United States. RacePartner takes a data-driven approach to engaging, activating and converting your audience into participants.

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